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Our Approach to Testing & Assessment

Assessments are not designed to find flaws, rather they are used to identify student strengths and potential areas of challenge. At Mission Vista Academy, we ask our students to participate in two types of assessments: our in-house assessment, which is the Star 360, and the state testing called California Assessment of Student Performance (CAASPP).

Star 360 is an online assessment for math and language arts that provides insights and support for each student’s grade level that can be used for guiding instruction. Each part of the STAR 360 assessment takes only approximately 20 minutes to complete. We have students take this assessment in the fall, winter and spring.

The state of California requires specific state tests to be completed each year. Mission Vista Academy is a public charter school, therefore our students participate in the following California Assessment of Student Performance (CAASPP) state standardized tests:

Mission Vista Academy's Parent Testing Resources Site